Nursery Articles

There is so much is know when you have a new baby. These articles have been put together to provide helpful advice and resources for your parenting journey..

Setting up the nursery

Setting up the nursery is an exciting way to prepare for your new baby. You want it to look great and contain everything you need.

Baby Sleep Tips

There is no quick fix to get your baby into a good sleeping routine. This article lets you know what to expect and provides some helpful tips.

Baby And Toddler Safety

Making sure your child has a safe environment is essential. This guide provides information on how you can best do this.

Bottle Feeding Support Products

If you are bottle feeding or when you're ready to wean, Farmers has a great range of support products to help you.

Helpful Products While Breastfeeding

This article provides information on the products that may help when you're breastfeeding.

Food Preparation, Storage And Dinnerware

From 6 months, babies require solid food in order to provide additional nutrients, such as iron, to help them learn and grow.

Toilet Training

Most children learn to use the toilet between 18 months and 4 years, here are some helpful tips to get your child started.