Tights, Tights, & Tights

Farmers' hosiery collection is designed to meet every woman's needs, offering a range of options from basic skin-coloured tights for elegance to fishnet or patterned fashion tights for a modern and trendy look. Choose the right style from sheer, ultra-sheer, opaque tights, and select your preferred colours, including classic black and more unique and shiny hues!

If you're a big fan of pantyhose and tights and are looking for a great alternative, Farmers' range of hosiery is the perfect solution! Add this sensual accessory to your daily looks or special occasions. Our vast collection offers various styles, opacities, colours, and details to add that original feminine touch. While pantyhose and hosiery can be worn in both summer and winter, we also have a selection of tights specially designed for the colder season. Farmers stocks a range of thermal tights that keep you warm without compromising on style and femininity.

Shaping tights can help flatten your curves and enhance your silhouette, making them perfect for wearing with body-fit dresses or skirts. We also offer a range of stockings or tights for pregnancy, providing extra comfort without sacrificing style. Whether you prefer monochrome or coloured tights, they can add a unique touch to your outfit.

With a wide range of styles and colours of women's hosiery to choose from, you're sure to find just what you need, whether you're shopping for a formal party or a night out.

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