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LEGO sets perfect for toddlers

LEGO has done it again with the DUPLO range. Designed for the ages of 1 and a half to 5 years old, DUPLO takes the traditional brick and increases it to make it more suitable for younger toddler builders. The larger sized blocks help build cognitive and social skills during this important time of development. Like all other LEGOs, they have been strictly tested to ensure they are safe and easy for little fingers to pick up, place and pull apart. The collection at Farmers includes over 30 sets, each with a special theme. Create your town using sets that include structures like a fire station, police station, a doctor's office, an amusement park, bridges, train tracks and so much more. The DUPLO line at Farmers also offers its take on childhood icons like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Spider-Man. Though bigger in size, LEGO DUPLO is compatible with traditional LEGO bricks, opening up to a wider world of imagination. Have a look through all the LEGO sets that Farmers are proud to carry.