Who goes bare?

No one should go barefoot. Whether you're wearing sandals or taking a yoga class, there is a pair of women's socks that will be ideal for any task, providing protection for your skin and, in the case of yoga, even improving grip with anti-slip grips or five-toe designs.

We offer classic basic styles and colours to help you choose the perfect pair of socks. Stock up on your everyday women's socks to ensure comfort throughout the week. We also have multipacks of plain or patterned socks in various colours, textures, and lengths. From ankle socks in basic colours like black, white, or blue to knee-high socks with stripes, we've got you covered!

Pamper your feet with our wide range of comfortable women's socks. Our collection includes compression and health socks, outdoor socks for the winter months, trainer socks for everyday wear, sports socks for the gym or basic yoga classes, and patterned socks to add a touch of personality. Discover chunky and fluffy socks, shoe liners, and trainer sock packs in our collection, offering style for every shoe style.

Shop our women's socks from your favourite brands, including Bonds, DS Socks, Lyric, Superfit, Simon De Winter, and more, for durable and long-lasting stylish socks.

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