Bra Size and Fit Guide Bra Size and Fit Guide

Bra Size & Fit Guide

It is estimated that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Investing in a correctly fitted bra is essential for comfort, support, breast health, improved appearance, and increased confidence. It is recommended that bra size is checked at least once a year to ensure the right size and fit, as changes in weight, pregnancy, and a range of other factors can impact bra size. It is also important you choose the right bra for your body shape and activity, for more information about our bra styles and functions, please see the Lingerie Buying Guide.

Bra Size Calculator

Finding your bra size can be tricky, and what fits perfectly in one brand or style, may not in another. We recommend you get measured in-store by one of our Farmers fitting consultants, however, if you'd prefer to measure yourself, this helpful calculator will give you a good indication of your correct bra size. If you'd like to find out more about our fitting service, please view our In-Store Bra Fitting information.

How To Measure A Bra Size

Wear a non-padded bra and stand in front of a mirror with a measuring tape. Take your measurements (in cms) as shown below and enter them into our helpful calculator, or if you prefer, use the Bra Size Chart below to find your size.

Measure your band size

Measure your chest directly under your bust. Ensure the tape is level and exhale completely.

Measure your cup size

Measure your chest around the fullest part of your bust. Ensure the tape is level all around.

Sorry, we can't identify a standard bra size for you. Try remeasuring, then try decreasing your band size and increasing your cup size by a centimetre or two to allow for the typical margin of error. Otherwise, ask a friend to help or head in for a professional bra fitting at your local Farmers store.

Your starting size is

Your measurements are only a guide – but an essential starting point. Bra sizes vary between brands and bra types – visit our instore fitting consultants to help you get the right size and style for your shape.

Bra Size Chart (in CMs)

There is no universal system for measuring bra size, a bra that fits in one brand may not fit in another. Before you buy a bra from a brand you've never tried before, please check the brand-specific Size Guide that is included on every product page.

NZ Underbust AA A B C D DD E F
8 65-67 75-77 77-79 79-81 81-83 83-85 85-87 87-89 89-91
10 67-72 80-82 82-84 84-86 86-88 88-90 90-92 92-94 94-96
12 72-77 85-87 87-89 89-91 91-93 93-95 95-97 97-99 99-101
14 77-82 90-92 92-94 94-96 96-98 98-100 100-102 102-104 104-106
16 82-87   97-99 99-101 101-103 103-105 105-107 107-109 109-111
18 87-92   102-104 104-106 106-108 108-110 110-112 112-114 114-116
20 92-97   107-109 109-111 111-113 113-115 115-117 117-119 119-121
22 97-102   112-114 114-116 116-118 118-120 120-122 122-124 124-126
24 102-107     119-121 121-123 123-125 125-127 127-129 129-131
26 107-111     124-126 126-128 128-130 130-132 132-134 134-136

The Right Bra Fit

A well-fitting bra ensures comfort and support throughout the day. It should not dig into your skin, create painful pressure points, or cause discomfort. The right bra will provide the necessary support without causing any discomfort or irritation.

Bra Fit Problems & Solutions

The Right Bra Fit - Underband


  • The band slides up when you list your arms or move; consider going down a band size.
  • The band is uncomfortable and feels tight; consider going up a band size.
The Right Bra Fit - Cups


  • Bra cups have excess fabric around or above the breast; consider going down a cup size.
  • Breasts spill out over the cups at the front and sides; consider going up two cup sizes
The Right Bra Fit - Bra Straps


  • Bra straps dig into your shoulders; consider going up a cup size and down a band size.
  • Straps slide off; consider going down a cup size and up a band size.
The Right Bra Fit - Underwire


  • Wires dig in around the breast; consider going up a cup size.
  • Bust drops beneath the wires when arms are raised; consider going down a band size.

In-Store Bra Fittings

Being fitted for a bra can seem like a daunting process for some, but the right bra can dramatically impact your confidence through the way you look and feel. Over time, bodies change so it's important to get correctly fitted by a Farmers Bra Fitting Consultant.

In-Store Fittings

What You Will Need

Simply head to the Lingerie department and ask one of our bra fitting consultants for a fitting – it is always a good idea to call ahead to ensure one is available. We recommend wearing a normal bra with no push-up features for a more accurate measuring.

Getting Measured

You'll be measured in a private changing room by a trained bra fitting consultant who will measure your chest and around the fullest part and under your bust. This gives you the most accurate starting size possible for you when trying on bras.

If you really can't or don't want to get a fitting, try our Bra Size Calculator above.

The Perfect Fit

After you get your size, your bra fitting consultant will ask you what styles you prefer and suggest a few for you to try. Sizes may differ depending on the bra style and brand so ensure you try the bra first to ensure the perfect fit.