Farmers Bra Fitting

    Being fitted for a bra can seem like a daunting process for some, but the right bra can dramatically impact your confidence through the way you look and feel. Over time, bodies change so it’s important to get correctly fitted by a Farmers Bra Fitting Consultant every six months.

    What you need

    Simply head to the Lingerie department and ask one of our bra fitting consultants for a fitting – you could call ahead to ensure one is available. We recommend wearing a normal bra with no push-up features for a more accurate measuring.

    If this is her first bra fitting, we have more tips for you below!

    Your measuring

    You’ll be measured in a private changing room by a trained bra fitting consultant who will measure your chest around the fullest part and under your bust. This gives you the most accurate starting size possible for you when trying on bras.

    If you really can’t or don’t want to get a fitting, try our Bra Size Calculator.

    Finding your fit

    After you get your size, your bra fitting consultant will ask you what styles you prefer and suggest a few for you to try. Sizes may differ depending on the bra style and brand so ensure you try the bra first to ensure the perfect fit.

    Ask your bra fitting consultant if you are unsure about the fit.

    Shop your size

    Shop it now

    It's time for a fitting if...

    The underwire digs into you.

    The band pulls up at the back.

    You’re bulging over or under the cups.

    The cups pucker or gape around you.

    Her first bra

    The right time

    While the physical signs are obvious, emotional readiness is paramount, regardless of age. Give her the chance to bring up the topic, and you’ll know she’s definitely ready.

    Put her in control

    Getting used to having fittings while she is still growing can save her years of discomfort. Let her decide to keep a shirt or crop-top on or not and whether you should accompany her during her fitting.

    The best first bras

    Crop-top or wirefree bras will last as she grows and get her used to the feel of wearing one. Check out our crop-top styles and the Miss Honey Vegas range.