Farmers Club Account Closure Process

    To ensure we keep only the most up to date and relevant information about you, we will close any Farmers Club accounts which have not been active for 3 years.

    Farmers Club cards that have not been swiped in store in the last 3 years or logged in online in the last 12 months will be closed.

    This means that the Farmers Club account will no longer be available for use and all points and unused vouchers will also be removed permanently.

    Communication about this closure will be emailed to the email address on the Farmers Club account a month before the closure of the account.

    If you want to keep your account or review your points balance, simply follow these instructions:

    Swipe your card instore
    • When you are next instore, simply swipe your Farmers Club Card to ensure your account stays active.

    Log into your account Online
    • Simply sign in to your Farmers Club account online at www.farmers.co.nz and your account will stay active What if you have recently used your account but it was still archived?
    • You might have a duplicate (separate and unused) account. If you think you have a duplicate account compare the email address on the account you are using most often to the one included in your notification email.

    For help or more information contact our contact centre on 0800 327 637