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The perfect way to relive Harry Potter magic

"You're a wizard, Harry!" Conjure a magical world of endless entertainment with LEGO Harry Potter. The classic toy bricks recreate movie scenes like the first flying session, the brewing of a powerful polyjuice potion and attending Divination class. Connecting to one another for extra fun, it's the perfect way to relive Harry Potter magic. The range at Farmers also includes the brick-built book Hogwarts Moments collection with each book transitioning into a playset. Collect all 4: The Transfiguration Class, Herbology Class, Charms Class and Potions Class. All perfectly portable with more than one way to play. Magical adventures await in these LEGO sets like Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts Express, the Astronomy Tower, Hogsmeade Village and the Clock Tower. All great for play and display. Take a look at the entire LEGO Harry Potter collection as well as all other LEGO sets now available at Farmers.