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    Sleepyhead Sanctuary Serene Ultra Plush Bed, Lead

    $4,474.00 - $12,399.00

    Sleepyhead Sanctuary Serene Ultra Plush Bed, Lead

    $4,474.00 - $12,399.00
    Looking for ultimate luxury? Look no further, the Serene Ultra Plush has a heavenly luxurious plush feel that simply has to be tried to be believed.

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    Handcrafted in New Zealand with natural wool and silk fibres, advanced foam technology and Sleepyhead's unique Sensorzone sleep system for advanced support.
    Wool & Silk fibres: Wool is dust-mite resistant, hypo-allergenic and able to help in the regulation of body temperature. Lustrous natural silk helps improve airflow and breathability in the mattress.
    Fusion Graphene: Breathable memory foam infused with Graphene particles, helps conduct heat away from the body for a more comfortable sleep.
    Re:Active: Advanced memory foam that 'remembers' your body shape so it can contour to your body more quickly. Provides pressure relief to help reduce tossing and turning.
    Sensorzone Sleep System: Fully integrated comfort and support with 7 zones to contour to your body shape and virtually eliminates partner disturbance.
    • Kulkote Copper. The latest heat management tech that helps to regulate your body temp during the night for a more comfortable sleep.
    • Fusion:Copper. Infused memory foam provides pressure relief and assists Kulkote's temperature regulation.
    • Eco-friendly Dreamfoam is crafted in New Zealand and provides extra support and luxurious comfort.
    • Comfort Edge Support. High density foam edge provides support right to the edge of the mattress which reduces the roll out feeling.
    • Endorsed by the NZ Chiropractors' Association for excellence in postural support.
    • Made in New Zealand and backed by Sleepyhead's 10 Year Warranty.
    • Accessories shown are not included
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