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    Stroller Buying Guide

    A stroller (also known as a buggy or pushchair) can make getting around so much easier for many parents, grandparents and carers. With so many different options to choose from it’s important to choose one designed to cope with your needs and one that will fit in your car boot without a struggle.


    The table below can be used as a guide to the most suitable stroller for you and your child.

    Note: Many strollers can come under two or more of the categories below; for example a reversible, three-wheeler stroller that can also convert into a travel system.

    Please note that this a general guide only and does not necessarily relate to specific products sold at Farmers.


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    • Lightweight, compact and easy to store – the umbrella stroller is a popular choice for a second stroller
    • They are ideal for overseas or extensive travel with your child as well as for negotiating crowded stores while out shopping
    • Basic umbrella strollers are best for infants who are at least six months old and can support their own head. Some models will have a reclining option


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    • Light (less than 5.5kgs), easy to manoeuvre and compact, a lightweight stroller is a good option for those who frequently load their stroller in and out of the car
    • Padded seats with an adjustable recline enable your child to sit forward when they want to watch the world go by or to lie back when taking a nap
    • Some lightweight strollers have a fully reclining seat and so are suitable from birth, others are suitable from six months


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    • Parents with an outdoorsy lifestyle may want to consider a three-wheel stroller, which tend to come with larger and/or pneumatic wheels making them good performers on almost any surface
    • If you intend to take the stroller with you when jogging, look for a three wheel stroller with a lockable front wheel
    • Most three wheel strollers have a seat that fully reclines and so are suitable from birth


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    • The advantage of a stroller with either a reversible seat or reversible handle is that you and your baby can face each other, a feature that many parents feel helps enhance that already strong bond you have with your precious one, especially in those first months
    • Once your child is past this stage and would prefer to be able to enjoy the same view as you, a reversible stroller can easily be repositioned so that they can watch the world go by
    • Most reversible strollers have a fully reclining seat making them suitable from birth

    Travel System

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    • Travel systems comprise of a stroller and a safety rated infant capsule that snaps onto the stroller
    • The primary advantage to using a travel system is that you can easily move a child from car to stroller without disturbing them
    • In addition to this on-the-go convenience, a travel system gives extended use and flexibility as your child grows
    • Any travel system stroller is suitable from birth when used in conjunction with an infant capsule

    What you should consider when purchasing a stroller


    • The height of the handles are always worth considering but especially if you are particularly short or tall
    • If you are sharing the stroller with a partner who is of a different height to you, it is worth investing in a stroller that has adjustable handles for maximum comfort


    • You may with to consider a stroller with a reversible seat or reversible handle
    • This enables you and your baby to face each other in the earlier months but can then be turned around to share the same view as you once they are a bit older


    • It is mandatory for all strollers in New Zealand to have a safety harness
    • To keep your precious one safe they should wear the harness at all times when in the stroller


    • An extendable hood provides shade and shelter
    • A viewing window in the hood lets you keep an eye on your child
    • A boot cover protects the child’s legs and feet; it’s worth considering if you go for long walks in cold weather
    • If the stroller you want doesn’t have a rain cover, you can buy a generic one at most stores


    • Think about how often you will need to transport the stroller in your car
    • A lightweight and/or one-hand folding model for easy loading and unloading is worth considering

    Safety Leash

    • A leash on the handle bar that straps to your wrist can stop the stroller running away if you lose your grip


    • A parcel tray under the stroller is essential
    • Never balance bags on the handle of the stroller – they could make it tip over


    • Seat – when buying for a newborn, ensure that the stroller seat can recline to near flat
    • Alternatively a travel system can be used where the stroller is used in  conjunction with an infant capsule car restraint attachment

    Seat Pads

    • Let’s face it, at some point your stroller is probably going to see the wrong end of an ice cream cone or juice bottle – look for a stroller with easy-wipe surfaces or, better still, removable machine-washable seat pads


    • This reduces the likelihood of injury by the child’s feet getting caught on the ground or in the front wheel


    • Your child will get a smoother ride with larger and/or pressurised-air wheels especially on rougher terrain
    • You will find that smaller swivelling wheels are easier to manoeuvre through shops and restricted spaces


    • Try out the stroller in store, preferably with your child aboard

    Helpful Tips

    Check that the stroller complies with a safety standard.

    There is a child-restraint mechanism for locks

    There is a five-point harness consisting of two shoulder straps attached to the backrest, two waist straps attached to the stroller frame, and a crotch strap. The straps should be adjustable

    The brakes work properly and are easy to use

    There is a two-stage lock to stop the stroller collapsing

    The stroller is stable enough not to tip easily


    There are no gaps that could trap fingers – yours or your child’s


    There are no sharp edges or points