Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

    Here at Farmers we have a Quality Assurance team committed to ensuring that the goods you buy from us are consistently produced in line with our rigid quality specification requirements including fabrication, construction and fit.

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    DT-BFQ Backflip Copter with Remote Control Unit

    Fisher & Paykel Cooktops: CE604CB, CE604LB, CE905CB. 

    Jolly Jumper Moses Basket with Stand

    Your Home & Garden Artisan Ottoman

    TC TD Glass 8cm LED w/White Flake Inside
    HC TD Glass 10cm LED Red/White/Green

    HC TD Acrylic Clear Bear w/LED Light
    HC TD Clay Reindeer w/LED Light
    HC TD Clay Snowman w/LED Light
    HC TD Clay Santa w/LED Light
    Selected LUCA Avalon & Indiana Furniture 

    Our Quality Assurance team consists of:

    Garment Technologists
    The team ensures that a garment’s fit and construction is of a high standard to suit the fabrication. Technologists work closely with our buying departments and suppliers to achieve these goals. Accessories such as zippers, buttons, prints and embellishments are checked for suitability to ensure a quality garment is produced.

    Lab Specialists
    Our highly qualified Lab team test over 10,000 samples each year on site using specialised machinery. The following tests are carried out to confirm the suitability of fabric to the styling of the garment.

    These tests are undertaken by Farmers to ensure standards meet and follow international guidelines, along with best industry practises. Test results allow the Lab team to determine the correct care for a specific garment.  The Lab conforms to international laboratory standards, including specific humidity and temperature requirements.

    QA Inspectors
    This team audits a selection of products from every order received. The product is checked to ensure it matches what has been ordered.  Labelling is checked to the New Zealand requirements for care and safety of the garment.

    As new quality guidelines are introduced we can assure you that we are committed to working and complying with government departments and organisations to ensure the correct product arrives in stores, thereby safeguarding our customers.


    Farmers Quality Assurance Inspectors are regularly in touch with the Police when informed of scams. Unfortunately there are a number of scams at any given time where the Farmers brand is used to target customers, asking for personal details. Farmers does not and will not ask for personal details such as PIN numbers over the phone or online. For more information on scams involving Farmers, please click here.