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    Finding the perfect jeans  

    Given the amount of time you spend in your jeans , it’s worth giving it some thought and effort into finding the right pair.  Luckily we have put together a guide to make this process as painless as possible so you can get back to the important stuff, like Saturday rugby. 

    Know your size. The most important factors to remember are the type of jean you are most comfortable in and what size you really are. Remember  jeans stretch with wear so don’t be surprised if a 34” feels a bit too tight compared to the other 34”s in your wardrobe.

    Keep in mind the occasion. A pair of casual Friday night jeans is completely different to a smarter pair for work. 

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    Jean shapes

    The key to a great pair of jeans is how it fits and gents it’s time to embrace the shape you are. There is no point in trying to delve into your skinny inner rock god when you’re built more like Richie or Dan.


    This style flatters most men as they are cut loosely from the waist downwards. If you are skinny enough for a pair with a skinnier cut then best leave this cut to the regular folk.


    These jeans are cut discreetly to not be loose or too skinny, a look that suits almost everyone.


    With a slight flare at the hem, these have a close fit from waist to the lower calf-but not too tight.


    A fashionable cut, this style will bring out your inner rock star. With a close fit from waist to ankle you will need to be slim to carry these off.


    For those with a regular/slim build, this style is loose around the thighs but then taper inwards to create a slim lower leg and ankle. These are more forgiving around the thighs than skinny jeans.



    The most common and original wash, these are a wardrobe essential. These can be dressed up with a clean crisp shirt and jumper or dressed down with a casual t-shirt.


    This wash is best left to the weekend or casual get together as it is more faded. This fabric usually feels softer and lighter due to the traditional method of adding stones to the spinning washer drum to create this look.

    Dirty Wash

    These jeans feature a worn in look and often overlaps into a vintage or distressed wash category. All these hint at a “pre-loved” state.


    A great alternative to the classic blue denim wash if you don’t want to venture too far into the casual category or if you require a smart look.

    Care Instructions

    To preserve their colour, cold wash your jeans inside out, zip done up every two weeks.

    Avoid the dryer or any heat: the heat will melt the elastane and though they may feel tighter, you will end up snapping the elastane and wind up with a pair of jeans that don’t fit.

    Check for further care instructions on the care label.