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    We believe no young person should go through cancer alone. CanTeen makes sure they don’t have to. You can also help by taking part in the 2014 annual appeal by purchasing a $4 bandanna or by making a donation in-store at Farmers.

    Show your support for CanTeen and together we can assist young people living with cancer.

    Alternatively you can donate online here.

    CanTeen NZ

    CanTeen NZ is a peer support organisation for young people aged 13 to 24 living with cancer.
    It’s a place where members (patients, siblings or bereaved siblings) can share experiences with other young people who know what it is like to deal with cancer, they can find a sense of normality in their lives and deal with pain and stress as they move forward in a particularly difficult time.

    Farmers works with CanTeen during their annual Bandanna Challenge in October by selling bandannas in-store. This is one of CanTeen’s largest fundraising campaigns and the money raised helps run programs, camps and other opportunities for CanTeen members.

    Find out more about CanTeen.

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