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    Bronze Beauties

    Your step-by-step guide to the perfect sun-kissed look

    A Sun-Kissed bronze makeup look is perfect for summer. It illuminates your natural colouring without being too heavy to wear all day and suits all eye colours.

    1. Start by applying BB Cream. BB Cream offers light coverage as well as including moisturiser, primer and sunscreen. Revlon’s Photoready™ BB Cream contains SPF 30, great for summer days!
    2. Brush Bronzer under your cheekbones to slightly contour your face. Lightly sweep across your forehead, temples and chin and the bridge of your nose as this is where the sun naturally hits. Some bronzers have a shimmer and others are matte. Shimmer is generally better suited to an evening look and matte during the day, but as always, it depends on your personal preference. The key is to make sure the colour is right for your skin tone. Medium-skinned women look great in golden bronzers while fair-skinned women suit bronzers with a hue of pinkish-undertones.
    3. For your eyes choose a palette that has bronze colours to suit you. A great palette will have a matte skin tone colour for an all over base. A shimmery, slightly darker bronze colour for just the lid of the eye and bringing down to the lower lash line. A much darker colour for contouring the eye and a much lighter shimmery gold to highlight the brown bone and inner corner. We have a huge range of palettes available instore, products such as Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Quad Number 11 and Chi Chi Eye Shadow Quad in Papparazzi Princess.
    4. To take your look into the evening, add a winged eyeliner across the top of the eye and flick out. Make sure the ‘flick’ of the wing comes away from the eye angled to point towards the end of your eyebrow.
    5. To make your eyes pop, mascara is always the key. A water-proof mascara is great in summer just in case of spontaneous visits to the beach! Many mascaras have a water-proof version of themselves. Head into store to see if your favourite also comes in water-proof.
    6. A final touch to this season's bronze look is a splash of colour on the lips in pink or coral. Maybelline Colour Whispers are perfect for adding colour and moisture to your lips!
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    Advice on how to fake your tan this summer

    Want to create the perfect summer tan without all the harmful sun rays? Keep reading below for the best advice on how to fake your tan this summer!

    Prepare your skin.

    No matter how much you spend on tanning, your tan is only as good as how well you prepare your skin. To prepare, in the shower or bath shave your legs and use a body scrub to exfoliate the areas you're applying your fake tan to remove dead skin cells. Once you have dried off, use an oil-free moisturiser on your elbows, knees, ankles, hands and wrists. This stops the tan from building up in these areas.

    Choosing your tan.

    Choosing the right fake tan formula for your skin can be a little daunting! Spray's like Sugababy’s Golden Glamour are great for an even tan but can be slightly messy. Mousse is a great option such as ModelCo Super Tan and can be used with a Model Co applicator mitt to help buff the product in without staining the palms of your hands. Creams like Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream can also be used, which are easier for fake-tan beginners to work with. Apply tan to large areas of your body first such as stomach, legs, back and arms. Next work the tan into harder areas such as ankles, feet and elbows.

    Prolong your tan.

    The best way to prolong your tan is to keep your skin hydrated by applying a thick and nourishing moisturiser like The Body Shop’s selection of Body Butters. Available in a range of delicious scents for summer, these work to lock in moisture and will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth.

    Extra Fake Tan Tips

    • Avoid deodorant and perfume before and after fake tanning while it is developing
    • Tanning at night after a shower means you can apply your tan and once dry you can sleep and shower off the excess tan in the morning leaving you without the fake tan scent lingering during the day.
    • Use a hair dryer on a cool setting to speed up the drying time of your fake tan
    • Wear dark, loose clothing while your tan is developing
    • Avoid showering 6-8 hours afterwards
    • Exfoliate around 3 days after tanning to help it fade evenly
    • After showering while tanned, pat dry so you do not rub your tan off with your towel