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    Bring Your Skin to Life

    New Shiseido IBUKI Skincare Range

    “Ibuki” is a Japanese word that refers to a kind of inner strength – a buried resource that can endure adversity and emerge in a beautiful condition.
    Skin protects and nurtures the strength within it, even as your environment changes. But as your work and personal life demand more of your energy, skin surface cells can shrink causing skin to weaken and its condition to deteriorate leading to breakouts, rough skin due to dryness and visible pores.

    IBUKI is a new skincare line that builds skin’s inner resistance to dryness and daily stress by infusing it with long-lasting moisture. Shiseido has exclusively developed Shape Memorizing Cell TechnologyTM to help inhibit cell shrinkage caused by stress and lifestyle factors. It refills surface cells, supplying moisture to revive them to their optimal shape. It also helps the surface layer “memorise” the shape of cells in their optimal condition allowing these surface cells to arrange in perfect alignment to provide effective resistance. Now you can fully support your skin’s inner power to resist external and internal stresses for smooth, trouble free skin.

    Curvier hips?

    If you have hips, the best cut for you is a bootleg. With a hint of flare, it balances out your figure, giving you the perfect hourglass silhouette.

    2. Denim Republic Classic Bootleg $59.99
    4. Denim Republic Fashion Bootleg $59.99

    Afraid of the Skinny Jean?

    The Slim Leg Jean is everybody's friend. It's a wider fit than the Skinny Jean so will be more flattering on your hips and legs. If in doubt, choose slim over skinny! Our Denim Republic Slim Leg Jean is a perfect choice.

    1. Denim Republic Fashion Skinny $59.99

    Slim Pins?

    If you are blessed with slim legs, then the Skinny Jean is the one for you! These look great paired with heels for a dressier look or flats for casualwear. The skinny nature of these jeans also makes them perfect for pairing with boots. If you are unsure about rocking the Skinny Jean just add a long, floaty top or tunic.

    3. Denim Republic Classic Slim Leg $59.99

    Classic Rise vs. Low Rise?

    When it comes to the rise of your jean, it's totally up to what you feel most comfortable in. Classic rises give you more coverage as they sit higher at your waist, whereas, low rises sit lower on your hips.

    Extra little tip: The heels and jeans combo is great for lengthening your legs out (and who complains of long legs!?) But remember when wearing heels with your jeans; ensure the hem is only 1cm off the ground. This way the jean will cover the heel, creating an even longer, leaner leg.