Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

    Breast Cancer Spreads - The whole family feels it

    During Breast Cancer Month, you helped raise

    "I would like to thank every Farmers customer who donated during October. Your contribution will help our vital ongoing work in breast cancer education, research, support and advocacy."

    Evangelia Henderson
    Chief Executive Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

    100% of your donations go to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to provide:

    Support for women recovering from or living with breast cancer.
    Breast cancer research including critical studies to improve survivorship.
    Breast cancer awareness for early detection.

    Checked your breasts lately?

    It’s easy as T - L - C.

    Touch both breasts. You’re feeling for any lumps or thickening in the breast tissue, even up into the armpits.

    Look in front of a mirror. Can you see any physical changes to the breast shape, skin or nipples?

    Check any breast changes with your doctor. Even if you’ve had a mammogram recently.

    Watch actress Jacqueline Nairn show you how to check your breasts.

    Need advice?

    Call Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
    0800 BCNurse (0800 2268 773)

    Are you 45-69? Enrol for free mammograms with BreastScreen Aotearoa on 0800 270 200.

    Farmers also offers a range of post-surgery bras.

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