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    Blue September 2021

    More than 650 Kiwi men will die this year from prostate cancer. That’s 55 men dying each month.

    Mates, fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers – if you haven’t been directly affected by prostate cancer, you’re bound to know someone who has.

    Farmers is proud to be supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand (PCFNZ) again in 2021. PCFNZ supports men and their families across Aotearoa New Zealand who are living with prostate cancer, and receives no government funding, relying instead on your generosity to help Eliminate Death and Suffering from Prostate Cancer.

    Most men don’t get any symptoms so educating our guys on getting tested is vital to early diagnosis and treatment. Screening for prostate cancer can be done with a simple PSA blood test arranged by your GP.

    Every effort, every activity, every dollar, every cent, however small, helps to improve the health outcomes of Kiwi men.

    Moana 'Mo' Hoera and Vivian 'Viv' Hahipene have both been successfully treated for prostate cancer. Both agree that 'early detection is the best protection' and both are passionate about increasing awareness among Maori men, who are much more likely to die once diagnosed than non-Maori men.

    Mo, from Opotiki, is working closely with the local DHB and Maori Health Workers in a project to create greater awareness of prostate cancer and, improve diagnosis and treatment for Maori men in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

    Viv is from Te Teko and experienced many health system communication issues and delays during his difficult 14-month journey before finally receiving successful treatment. He regularly engages in korero about prostate cancer with members of the Eastern Bay of Plenty and Gisborne communities.

    The Prostate Cancer Foundation receives no government funding, relying instead on the generosity of donors to help spread the message for men.

    During 16th – 29th September we will be taking open donations online and in-store.

    For all those who donate, you will receive a blue ribbon of support as a thank you for helping to keep our men healthy.

    100% of your donation will go directly to:

    • Raising awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of getting regular checks for men over 50
    • Funding research into better diagnosis and treatments for prostate cancer
    • Advocating for improved healthcare services for men with prostate cancer
    • Providing support for men and their families living with prostate cancer, including:

    Today, ten New Zealand men will be told they have prostate cancer.

    Please help us carry on this important work for our men.

    If you or someone you know needs support or would like to find out more, please call 0800 4 PROSTATE or visit www.blueseptember.org.nz

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