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    Back to School Basics

    It's almost that time of year again! Time for your little ones to say goodbye to the summer holidays and venture back to school. Make sure they're ready for the new year with our back to school basics.

    Farmers-Shop:/children's feature articles/backpack_300.jpgFarmers-Shop:/children's feature articles/lunchbox_300.jpg

    With lots of space, our range of backpacks are great for transporting all their school essentials and the perfect size for your little one to carry. View all Backpacks

    Drink Bottles & Lunchboxes
    Just when they thought lunchtime couldn't get any cooler! Surprise them with a funky 3D Case and matching drink bottle or printed Cool Lunchbox. Don't forget to pick up a drink bottle as well. View all Drink Bottles & Lunchboxes


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    A staple item, their school wardrobe won't be complete without socks. It's a great idea to keep a few extra pairs handy so you're always prepared when their socks mysteriously disappear. View all Socks

    A great summer accessory. Whether they prefer caps, straw trilby's or bucket hats, there's something for every taste! View all Hats


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    Art Supplies
    Perfect for your budding artist, our range of art supplies include crayons, felts and gel pens. They can be used for their art projects both at school and at home.  View all Art Supplies

    Athletic Apparel 
    Your future sporting star will love our Supa Black apparel range. The collection includes shorts, track pants and jackets. View all Supa Black Apparel