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    The Man's Guide To Buying Lingerie For Her

    Want to buy her lingerie but unsure of where to start? Gather the following information and visit our lingerie experts in store for a gift she’ll love.

    The key to successful lingerie shopping is to do some clever snooping.   


    The most common mistake men make when buying lingerie is getting her size wrong, so have a look in her underwear drawer and check her sizes. It may be easier to take a photo so you can show our lingerie consultants.

    Take note of her bra size- a number and a letter e.g. 34C or 12DD

    Next, check her underwear size e.g. 10

    Style and brand

    Make a note of styles and brands she already has. It is best to buy her something that is similar to her usual taste. This is a present for her so this isn’t the time to try a completely new style.

    Beautiful lace, satin and silk fabrics are usually good options. Does she prefer an elegant and sophisticated style or a feminine and pretty style?


    Keep an eye out for repeat colours in her collection. Pay attention to her outer wardrobe as well as this can often be mirrored in her underwear choices. Whites and ivories work well with light clothing, while darker colours work well with you guessed it, dark clothing. If in doubt, stick to black.

    Ready to go

    Armed with this information head instore and join the other clever men who took the time to gather the right information and one of our lingerie experts will help you choose the perfect gift for her. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

    Handy Hints

    • Ask our staff to print a gift exchange receipt in case any exchanges are required.
    • Consider luxury sleepwear as an alternative to lingerie as size and fit aren’t as tricky with sleepwear.
    • If in doubt a gift card works a treat.