Clarins Cosmetics

    The purity of the Alps has always been our inspiration

    The purity of the Alps has always inspired Jacques-Courtin Clarins, the founder of the brand. Since 2020, our Alpine Herbs have been partly harvested from our 100% organic Domaine Clarins. We invite you to enjoy all the benefits of the Alps every time you cleanse.

    Cleansers that respect the skin flora, available for all skin types.

    Our [Gentle Complex] helps soothe, calm and soften the skin.

    A pristine cultivation environment

    Domaine Clarins

    The 100% organic Domaine Clarins is a site of 10 hectares nestled 1,400 metres above sea level in the heart of the Alps. Here, nature works undisturbed, our plants growing according to the rhythm of the seasons.

    Alps Organic Production

    Our production is environmentally conscious: optimal traceability and controlled, ethical, organic production. The result is pure and naturally effective active ingredients that determine the quality of our products.

    Organic Yellow Gentian
    Organic Yellow Gentian

    Traditionally, Yellow Gentian root extract has been used for its stimulating properties.

    Organic Saffron Flower
    Organic Safron Flower

    In cosmetics, (organic) Saffron Flower Polyphenols help regulate the skin’s microbiota.

    Organic Lemon Balm
    Organic Lemon Balm

    In cosmetics, organic Lemon Balm extract helps soothe, calm and soften the skin.

    Gentle Foaming Cleansers: A cocktail of plant extracts to rebalance the skin.

    Each cleanser has been specifically formulated for different skin types, with textures that have fresh and delicate scents.

    Soapwort instead of soap!

    Our Gentle Foaming Cleansers are enriched with organic Soapwort extract, a self-foaming plant with cleansing and emulsifying properties that are ideal for cleansing your skin gently.

    Toning Lotions: a duo of specially selected plants to balance each skin type.

    In order to help restore skin’s balance, Clarins Research has developed a [Microbiota Complex] made from three marine-based and one earth-based ingredient for the new toning lotions.

    Understanding the skin microbiota

    Microbiota Characters

    Everyone has their own unique skin microbiota, an ecosystem that lives on the surface and outer layers of the epidermis. In total, there are billions of bacteria, and their balance affects the appearance of the skin.

    If the skin microbiota is balanced, the skin is also healthy and beautiful. If it is unbalanced (due to temperature variations, UV rays, aggressive cleansers, pollution, etc.), the skin becomes uncomfortable, loses radiance; redness or other imperfections may also appear.

    Microbiota Diagram