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    Some of our favourite quotes

    “I went to my local, looked at all on offer & made my choice which was duly delivered. I eventually moved all the food out of the old one, went to put it back into the new one & discovered to my horror that I had chosen a fridge with no butter conditioner on which I was very dependent, living in a rather cold house. With a feeling of hopelessness, I rang the Farmers branch from where it had come & explained my predicament.

    Without missing a beat, they told me to come on in & find a model that had what I needed, they delivered it asap & without any further discussion, took away the one that disappointed. WHAT SERVICE. Absolutely outstanding is what I called it & I was blown away. Even more so......I asked the men if it would be put back on the floor for sale & they said no, it would be classed as second hand & disposed of!!! Something I have never forgotten & never will.” ”

    - Christine

    “My favourite memory is the Santa Parade, even if we get older each year I still feel like a kid inside, I’m 28 years old now.”

    - Sarah

    “My father worked at Farmers in Hamilton in the early 1960s. During the winter the shop was too cold for the Farmers’ cockatoo and it used to come home and live, in the cage, in our kitchen. It hated my Dad and chased him whenever it got a chance, but it loved my mother. It went through a perch every few days – demolished them with his beak. As children, we were not too sad when it returned to the shop for the summer.”


    “My parents were married for 59 years and they met at Farmers Hobson Street where my Father worked as a Grocer. His first pay was 33 Shillings (see photo attached). He was 17 and my Mother was only 12 at the time. He gave her Tuppence and said to her "call me when you turn 13". She called a couple of weeks later and they have been together ever since. My Father passed away in February 2014 and Mum could not live without him. She died October 2015. On their 50th Wedding Anniversary, 24 April 2006, I put a special notice in the New Zealand Herald and it mention's their meeting at Farmers also (see attached). For their special day, I arranged a cake with pink roses and decorations similar to what they had on their original wedding cake. Mum loved pink. I also arranged a table for two at our favourite family restaurant just for the two of them. I got in touch with the CEO of Farmers at the time and told him about the special occasion. He and an associate came out to Mum and Dad's and blew them away with a beautiful bouquet and best wishes. We were all so thrilled and thank you so much. Thank you for all the fun times and cherished memories.”


    “My husband and I were going home to Wales on 14 August 1964 on the Italian liner "Castell Felice” and met at Farmers for a meal with lots of our friends before boarding the ship. My husband was allowed to play the piano on the top floor and it was a happy occasion for us to say our farewells. So kind of Farmers to allow it. It was always our favourite store. Since then we returned to New Zealand after the birth of our first son in Wales. I still shop regularly at the Henderson Farmers and when I got your email re your 110 year celebrations I thought I should dig out my photos and share them with you. Thank you Farmers.”


    A trip down memory Lane Farmers fashion


    Curved high heels and dresses that hit the floor. The early soft decade embodied big hats and short cuts. The glamourous full length fur trimmed coats brought style to the conservative nature of 1910’s. Dilly times for fur.


    Not for Old Fogies, fashion had hurdled forward with different lengths of dresses and bold colours. Women became freer to move in the clothes with ‘flapper’ girls still dazed by a heel. Giddy, the girls had been introduced to bras they lit a cigarette and danced the night away while flicking their short hair styles.


    Times were rough and the world had less to offer with fashion. The popular “Feedsack Dress” was invented. Animal feed bags were made into clothes and fashion lived through another decade. Everyone even the sweet dallies flocked to Hollywood for a glamourous lifestyle. Wearing classy and glamorous clothes were the new standard in formal wear. Sophisticated dresses for the evening and tighter sweaters for the day.


    The eager beavers of 1940’s sparked popularity in having an ideally thin waist however remaining sophisticated on the beam with shirts and jackets that supported the upsurge of shoulder pads. Shortages from the war created a style of artificial materials.


    Fashion shaped itself around a women’s curves. A-line skirts helped bring corsets back into the light. Gender roles were highlighted with thin heels, pencil skirts and forgiving lines.


    Splendid times for new trends. The uprising of a new societies and youth. Miniskirts, boots and diversity oozed out of the 60’s. Leading into tie-dye hippies and low fitted jeans. It was a time for speaking up and self-expression.


    Vogue, Vogue and fashion. Fashion is booming man and the hippy vibes are flowing. With the immerging of soft and hard rock becoming popular with men and women. This new style brought platforms, satin, makeup and extreme colours. Tight on the top and loose on the bottom.


    Accessories and shiny designs. Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend. Pearl necklaces and an image of triumph. On the other hand did you get a perm? Fighting the hippies off rock and punk was in full swing. Heavily styled hair that matched perky full makeup.


    More is less and your body is the canvas. Tattoos and piercings are the new trend for both women and men. Rock on, more popular than ever is grunge going hand in hand with a causal t-shirt, hoody and jeans. The decade had pops of the previous decades 50’s-70.


    Starting early with hip-hop dropping some pimpin outfits and trends. Cool your jets, indie did make its way through the years. Ending with a mash up of all different styles and trends over the decades. Captioning the best moments of fashion.


    Farmers Fashion Decade-By-Decade Tour at Farmers Newmarket

    Take a trip down memory lane by joining us at Farmers Newmarket, from 10am - 12pm on Thursday 31st October. Hilary Barry will be in store helping us celebrate 110 years of Farmers memories and along with Farmers staff, will be modelling outfits from throughout the decades.

    Join us for the cutting and eating of a giant celebration cake while we share memories from the past 110 years of Farmers.