How does
    it work?

    Get the deals before everyone else and shop some of our biggest deals a day early.

    How did
    I get one?

    By earning enough Points in the Club Season to qualify.

    How do I know I have a Privilege Pass?

    We send an email to our members in the first week of each Club Season which contains all Rewards you earned, including if you earned a privilege pass. You can also check to see if you’ve earned enough Points to qualify by signing in to your Farmers Club membership or asking instore.

    How do I know when I can shop?

    We will email you and let you know. Make sure we have your email, and that you are signed up to receive promotional emails so you don’t miss out!

    How can I tell what the deals are?

    We will email you and let you know what the deals are before the sale. The deals will not always be advertised instore, but don't worry they will scan automatically when you swipe your Farmers Club Card or sign in online.

    Can I get the deals online?

    Not all deals will be available online. If it is available online, we will let you know when we email you about the sale.

    Any questions? See our Farmers Club FAQ page.

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