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    We are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying hosiery, so where do we begin? Our stylist Lisa O’Neill has put together a buying guide so you don’t go wrong.

    When buying hosiery you need to think about:

    1. The Denier

    The lighter the ‘denier’ the sheerer the stocking will be.
    Sheer 8-15 denier
    Medium 20-40 denier
    Opaques 50 - 200 denier

    2. What are you wearing hosiery with?

    If you are wearing light fabrics then choose light, sheer hosiery. For heavy winter fabrics, opt for heavier or textured hosiery.

    Under Dresses

    Tights with control tops are great for holding in lumps and bumps. Voodoo Shine Firm Control are my favourites for under fitted dresses.

    Under Pants

    Knee-highs or trouser socks are great under pants or long skirts. Ambra No Band Knee Highs have a comfort top and no tight band under the knee; while Voodoo’s Voluptuous range is especially designed for bigger legs and is great for those of us with bigger calves!

    3. Where are you wearing them?

    For a special occasion, go lighter. If you need a hard wearing tight that you can wear for several months, try a heavier opaque.

    Opaques come in many weights and finishes. If you don’t want any attention on your legs look for a matte finish rather than a shiny one, Ambra Pitch Black is a great matte option.

    Many of the opaque brands have built in shape wear and control panels which are great under work skirts and dresses. Try Voodoo 120 Super Slim Opaques or Berlei Dig Free 100 Denier with a smoothing waistband.

    For those who feel the cold; fleece lined tights and boot sock opaques are great options. Pretty Polly Fleecy Opaques are warm, fluffy and 200 denier.

    Voodoo 80 Denier Boot Tights are stylish and warm. With a sleek black leg, they also feature warm thick socks made especially for boots for comfort and warmth!

    How to wear hosiery

    • Remove jewellery before opening any packets.
    • Moisturise your hands and legs. This helps you handle your tights carefully and they will snag less on moisturised skin.
    • Check if there is a front and a back. Twisted hosiery is not comfortable!
    • Rouch up the legs, right down to the toe line. Pull the tights evenly up both legs. A layer of moisturiser over your hosiery will make them snag free and stop static clinging.

    Caring for your hosiery

    • A mesh hosiery wash bag is a great investment if you want to throw hosiery in the washing machine. These mesh bags protect your tights from washing machine parts and rough fabrics.