Farmers Club Card FAQs

    Where can I use my Farmers Club card?

    At any Farmers store, including our online store on any transaction.

    How do I earn points?

    You’ll receive points automatically when you use your card in store or online.

    What if I forget my card in store?

    It’s easy, give our sales assistant your phone number and you’ll still earn points. You’ll need to present your card to use a $20 voucher.

    What if I lose my card?

    You can collect a new one in store any time, or you can have one sent to you by ordering one online.

    How can I find out how many points or $20 vouchers I have?

    On your receipt in store, via regular email updates, or you can sign in to Farmers Club online.

    I haven’t received an email with my Rewards and benefits. What do I do?

    Ask a sales assistant to check that we have your correct email address and permission to email you.

    How do I get my $20 voucher?

    Any vouchers you earn will be stored on your Farmers Club card, so simply swipe it in store during your purchase.

    Where can I spend my $20 voucher?

    In any Farmers Store on any item except Goldmark, Stevens and Gift Cards. Unfortunately you cannot redeem vouchers online at the moment, but we are working on it! You need to use the whole $20 in your transaction.

    Does my $20 voucher expire?

    You have 6 months to use your voucher before it expires.

    I had points and now I have 0. Where did they go?

    Points start at zero at the beginning of each season and are then totalled at the end of each season when we calculate which Rewards you’ve earned.

    How do I change my details?

    Ask a sales assistant in store, log in online or contact our customer services team; email farmersclub@farmers.co.nz or call 0800 327 637

    Does the Farmers Club card replace my Farmers Finance Card?

    No. Farmers Club and Farmers Finance are separate. Farmers Club card is a loyalty card only.